Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check if my address is within multi-fiber coverage?

Just click on the "Check coverage" tab and enter the address you want to check.

This way you will find out whether you can already use multi-fiber optic network. If our network does not yet cover your area, please leave us your e-mail address. We will notify you if network expansion in this area is possible.

Why am I not within multi-fiber coverage?

The decision to expand a multi-fiber network in new areas is influenced by many factors, e.g. network length, development density and formal consents. A new investment often runs through public roads, private plots or geographically difficult areas, which is why we verify each address separately.

People who want to be up to date with new plans to expand the multi-fiber network are encouraged to fill out the form in the "check coverage" tab and in the next step leave us their e-mail address.

I'm out of range, but I want to have access to multi-fiber. What should I do?

We're glad you want to be a multi-fiber user. We are working intensively on expanding the network and planning new investments.

If your address is not yet within our network, leave us your e-mail via the "check the range" tab. In this way, you express your interest in access to the network, and we will verify the possibility of its expansion in this area as part of future investments.

Can I buy internet and TV service from Fiberhost?

We do not provide this type of services. Our task is to bring multi-fiber to your home. You order services from your chosen Internet and TV service provider who has decided to provide services on our infrastructure at your address. You can find a list of suppliers on our website in the "check the range" tab.

During the construction of the multi-fiber network, irregularities occurred or the infrastructure was damaged. Where can I report it?

If any irregularities occurred during construction or you want to report infrastructure violations/damage, please contact us via the contact form below by selecting the appropriate category.

Do you have a question for us?

Every day we receive requests to expand the multi-fiber network at a specific address. We would like to provide multi-fiber to all interested parties, but unfortunately this is not possible.

We encourage you to read the material in which we present the entire multi-fiber construction process.

If you want to know about the new plans to expand the multi-fiber optic network, we encourage you to fill out the form in the "Check the range" tab, enter your address there and leave us your e-mail address.

If your question concerns a different issue, please fill out the form.

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