Digital inclusion

We have been fighting for years to ensure that as many inhabitants of even the smallest towns or villages as possible have access to fast, stable and safe Internet. We make the networks we build available to internet and television service providers willing to cooperate.

Our numbers

>1,3 million
within multi-fiber optic network range
>50 000 km
multi-fiber optic network
service providers
Sustainable development
For years, we have been consistently implementing numerous internal and external activities as part of the adopted sustainable development strategy. Many initiatives have already been implemented, but there is still a lot to do in this area. It is important to us that every day we contribute to this process and can make the world a better place.
Natural environment preservation.
We want to have a positive impact on environmental protection and building ecological awareness. We focus our efforts on achieving carbon neutrality.
People from our organization for whom ecological issues are particularly important can get involved in the activities of our team called Planet Mates. We regularly carry out climate action campaigns. These are our little bricks in the fight for the future of our planet:
• neighborhood clean-up campaigns,
• replacing the fleet with a more ecological one,
• taking care of the apiary
• organization of internal webinars aimed at raising employee awareness.

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Gender equality
It is completely natural for us to create a workplace where everyone feels good.
At Fiberhost, competence, knowledge, experience and the contribution that each person can make to our organization are of key importance.
We constantly monitor indicators such as the amount of remuneration in the same positions and the number of promotions among representatives of both sexes. Our intention is not to maintain parity. We must remember that our industry is characterized by certain specificity. What we want to emphasize and strengthen are equal opportunities for everyone.
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Digital inclusion
Our goal is to develop multi-fiber optic network infrastructure to provide as many people as possible with equal access to fast and safe internet.

Every day we fight to ensure that residents of smaller towns can use modern technologies like residents of larger cities.
The multi-fiber that we provide enables cooperating service providers to use one common infrastructure. Thanks to this, they do not have to invest in creating their own networks. This model not only benefits users by giving them much more choice, but also represents an optimal way of using our planet's resources, thus contributing to its protection.
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Compliance in Fiberhost
The term "Compliance" 
in the context of 
an enterprise is 
a concept referring 
to taking actions in 
accordance with 
applicable law, standards, 
regulations and guidelines.


Compliance aims 
to ensure that 
the organization 
operates in 
accordance with 
applicable regulations 
to avoid potential 
financial and 
reputational losses. 
It also helps us maintain 
high operating standards 
and eliminate possible 

At Fiberhost, we monitor Compliance
the following areas on an ongoing basis:

-preventing conflicts of interest,
-preventing corruption,
– protection of freedom of competition,
-ensuring fair
and professional treatment of customers,
– ensuring the protection of personal
data and sensitive data,
-preventing discrimination,
respecting occupational health and safety rules.


Diversity & Inclusion

Fiberhost is created primarily by people. Each of us is different, but what unites us is mutual respect for each other.

We want to create a conscious organization, open to the needs of our colleagues and the world around us.