Summary of the year at Fiberhost.

We would like to present a summary and calendar of 2022:

  • Our priority is to counteract digital exclusion and expand fiber optic networks. Last year, over 1.1 million households were within the reach of our networks and we already have 50,000 km of built infrastructure.
  • We are constantly developing – we are present in 8 provinces, 98 districts and 8359 towns.
  • As part of activities improving the ability to use new technologies, we conducted workshops as part of the Fiberhost Academy. We conducted classes for 60 people.

This year has also been extremely difficult. We are struggling with the tragedy of our neighbors from across the eastern border. We couldn’t pass by this situation indifferently, which is why we took a number of actions, such as: a donation to the Polish Humanitarian Action, free BSA services for people from Ukraine, support for the #LiftUkraine initiative, thanks to which refugees received transport and the most necessary things, as well as webinars and internal collections.

But that’s not all. Our responsibility is much wider, and we are aware of it. That is why in 2022 our support went to 6 charities, such as: Fundacja im. Julia Woykowska, Mam Marzenie Foundation, Monar, Wanda’s Shelter, Association for Supporting the Activity of Seniors, Care and Educational Institution “Dom Pamiątkowa”.

We have also not forgotten about activities that are part of our sustainable development strategy. As part of environmental activities, 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources, we have also reduced CO2 emissions by 60% (compared to 2020) and planted 65 trees in Wysogotowo, where our headquarters are located. We are also successively replacing company cars and currently 70% of the cars in our fleet are ecological.

We invite to see the graphics with our summary of the year.