Changes to the Fiberhost management board.

As of December 1, the position of CFO at Fiberhost S.A. will be taken over by Adam Błażeczek. Rafał Markiewicz will also join the company’s Management Board and from January 3 will act as COO. Marta Wojciechowska shall remain as the company CEO. Changes to the Management Board of the company are related to its development strategy.

At the end of September, the independent Management Board of Fiberhost S.A. was appointed. The position of CEO was then assumed by Marta Wojciechowska. On December 1, Adam Błażeczek will join the board, and the organization and will be responsible for all financial matters of the company, accounting, financial and business controlling, and the treasury. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and for the last few years has been associated with the pharmaceutical industry.

On January 3, 2022 Rafal Markiewicz will take over the new position of COO at Fiberhost, assuming responsibility primarily for the company’s infrastructure investments, IT, and technical departments. Rafał Markiewicz graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw. He has over 25 years of experience in the European telecommunications services market.

Adam Błażeczek and Rafał Markiewicz will report to Marta Wojciechowska, President of the Management Board of Fiberhost S.A. Eugeniusz Grzybek has resigned from the Management Board.

For me, working with Fiberhost is first and foremost a new and exciting challenge of moving from the health industry, which is very important today, to the industry related to providing access to high-speed Internet, which is equally crucial for people’s well-being. What caught my attention was not only the way the company operates, its organisation and courage, but also the team of professionals I will be working with. comments Adam Błażeczek, CFO of Fiberhost.

I am impressed with the business model in which the company operates, its organisational culture and the professionalism of the entire team. I am happy to return to the Polish market, where I hope to use the experience gained in previous projects, but also learn new things from people with whom I will have the pleasure to work. comments Rafał Markiewicz, COO of Fiberhost.

We are at a very important stage, we are implementing investments in 8 provinces, and within a year, more than a million households in the country will be within the reach of open Fiberhost networks. That is why new competencies and points of view are so important to us. Fiberhost is being joined by two excellent professionals – we welcome Adam and Rafał to the team. comments Marta Wojciechowska, CEO of Fiberhost