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We know that the Internet is an integral part of life today. It is a source of entertainment, the ability to communicate with loved ones and support everyday activities.

All you need to do is provide the address you are interested in and we will verify whether it is within the range of our fiber optic network or whether it has been included in investment plans.

Optical fiber. The best solution

At Fiberhost, we give you a choice. What does that mean? Thanks to one connection, direct to your home, you can use a variety of fiber-optic service providers. Fiber-optics guarantee both speed and stability. Compared to other technologies, they are second to none.


Offering a wide range of services.


Ability to use multiple devices and applications simultaneously.


No downtime, no interruptions.


Technology geared toward the future.


Access to unlimited educational resources.


Instantly loading 4K videos and online games.


Low electric power consumption.

Optical fiber is better
than other technologies

Fiber-optic cables are made of glass fibers and plastic. This allows for sending files at the speed of light, without the interference associated with copper cables. Storms, snow, or heavy rainfall do not affect their ability to function.

Radio Network

  • nagative

    Slow downloads - no speed guarantee.

  • nagative

    Signal instability - the signal can be weakened or completely wiped out when the weather is unfavorable.


  • nagative

    The speed is not guaranteed.

  • nagative

    There is a GB limit.

  • nagative

    Instability - proneness to disruptions.

  • nagative

    Limited service range - it is limited to between 1 and 5 km from a single relay.

  • nagative

    An increase in concurrent users leads to a decrease in service speed.

Optical fiber

  • positive

    Download and upload large amounts of data at guaranteed speeds.

  • positive

    Fiberglass is less prone to failure, ensuring reliability.

  • positive

    Data transmission via optical signals is guaranteed to be stable and interference-free.

  • positive

    Multiple services and applications can be used simultaneously with unlimited performance.

How to order services?


Check to see if your address is within our network's range.


If so, familiarize yourself with the services provided by the operator in your area.


Decide on the package you want and contact the selected service provider to sign the contract.



Fiberhost provides access to a wide range of digital services from various providers. We cooperate with nationwide and local operators. This means that you can use the offer of any operator that provides services on our network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I verify that my address is within Fiberhost's fiber-optic network coverage area?


You simply need to enter the address you are interested in under the check the range tab. You will then be able to quickly and easily find out if you are within our network's range. If our network does not cover your location, please leave your email address. If we are able to expand our network to this location, we will contact you.

My address is out of range for the network. Can I still access fiber-optic services?


Subscribe and provide your contact details if the address you are seeking is not currently covered by Fiberhost. By doing so, you are indicating that you would like access to the network, and we will verify the possibility of expanding it to this area following future investment plans.

The network expansion plans include my address. When can I expect the network to launch?


Building a network is a multi-stage process. As a result, we are not always able to define a specific date from when services will be available. Subscribing in the check the range tab will allow you to receive automatic notifications about the progress of work in the location provided.

My home is within the range of Fiberhost's fiber network. Which provider services are available to me?


We grant access to our network to a variety of suppliers, both those operating on a national scale and those with a more limited supply range. Enter your address in the check the range tab to see a full list of service providers.

During the construction phase of the fiber-optic network, irregularities occurred or the infrastructure was damaged. How can I report this?


You can contact us through the contact form below if you see any irregularities in the network construction or want to report a breach / damage to the infrastructure.

I received a contract for a network to be built on my property. What does that mean?


The dispatcher's consent is free and enables you to locate network elements on your plot. The ability to use a column foundation on private properties facilitates quicker construction of the investment, so residents will be able to use digital services much faster. Fill out the form below if you have additional detailed questions so that we can contact you.


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If you have questions about the availability of the network in a given location, go to the tab.Check the range .