Fiberhost and INEA summarise their responsible business activities.

Fiberhost and INEA have just published the We Care responsible business report, the first publication summarising the Group’s activities in the areas of sustainability, diversity, net zero, security, CSR and compliance.

Fiberhost and INEA have been committed to sustainability, environmental protection and inclusivity for several years now. At the beginning of 2020, these initiatives were formalised – the Group’s sustainability strategy was based on three pillars, identified by the organisation as key. These are: gender equality, climate action and innovation, industry and infrastructure. As part of these pillars, a number of initiatives and educational campaigns are being carried out within the Group. There is also a special team coordinating all these activities, which reports directly to the CEOs of Fiberhost and INEA.

In our Group, we have been focusing on sustainable development and conscious and responsible actions for several years now, not because these are trends, but because we all believe that this is an essential element of our actions. I am convinced that these issues should also be reflected in the strategies of all organisations and the way of thinking of the people who not only manage them, but above all create them. ‘This is the case with Fiberhost and INEA and I am very proud of it’,

-comments Marta Wojciechowska, President of the Management Board of Fiberhost S.A.

‘As a Group, we counteract digital exclusion by reaching places where high-speed Internet has never been available before. We support schools, institutions, enable remote working, communication, health care. We do this very important work consciously, keeping in mind the issues of responsible, sustainable functioning, without forgetting about diversity and inclusiveness. We are conducting a green digital transformation and we are starting it with ourselves. The best evidence of this is all the activities described in the We Care report’.

-comments Maciej Piechociński, President of the Management Board of INEA Sp. z o.o.