1st Wholesale Operators Conference.

On April 21, 2022, the 1st Wholesale Operators Conference was held in Warsaw, organized by the leading wholesale operators: Fiberhost, NEXERA, Tauron and Światłowód Inwestycje. The event was initiated by the Open Allies Foundation established this year.

The conference was an introduction to an open discussion on the role of wholesale operators in the telecommunications market. In addition to operators’ representatives, the conference was attended by representatives of telecommunications chambers, representatives of regulators and state administration bodies. Minister Janusz Cieszyński (secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and government plenipotentiary for digitization), Jacek OKO (President of UKE) and Vincent Garnier (General Director of FTTH Council Europe) spoke during the event.

This innovative approach is a breakthrough because it relies on cooperation based on transparent rules and natural market mechanisms. Such cooperation of infrastructure operators with service providers is beneficial for both parties and for market development and competition. In addition, it contributes to the increase in the value of the telecommunications market by reducing costs and efficient use of infrastructure. It is also an element of sustainable development and contributes to environmental protection.

– Marta Wojciechowska, President of the Management Board of Fiberhost S.A.
and President of the Management Board of the Open Allies Foundation.

The subject of the debate was the model of open fiber networks and issues related to the activities of wholesale operators. The issues related to the benefits for users, operators and the regulator resulting from the use of the wholesale model have come to the fore. An important topic was also the issues of wholesale price indexation, a clear definition of a wholesale operator and a new investment perspective – KPO and FERC.